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I am Justin Farrell a 21-year-old, millennial, and a correspondent for I am a student at Stockton University, studying accounting and looking to attend law school after graduating. I began my journalism career writing for my high school newspaper and taking pictures of events and sports. I had a newfound passion for journalism (and too much down-time), so I began to search for places to write. I connected with an old online friend and got a gig writing for I wrote more substantive articles on a website that was, for the most part, click bait and galleries. Eventually that project began to slow down and I looked around elsewhere for a home for my work. While searching, I posted articles about soccer and reviews about New Jersey donut shops (yes, really) on my blog Justin Has A Journal! Then Trump happened, and I found Halsey News.

I was a Republican back when I was an early teen. Then I read more on how the government cannot be trusted, and became a Libertarian, following the teachings of Ron Paul. He retired, and so did I. I realized if a man like Ron Paul cannot change anything, why bother? I gave up on politics, the mainstream media voting, and even simply reading the news. And then, Trump happened.

The contempt and hate for Ron Paul was no where near close to what Donald Trump has faced. Yet, Trump had the money and momentum to take on the establishment. When he spoke against globalism and strongly criticized the Federal Reserve, I knew he was my candidate. Then Wikileaks began dumping Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s emails. Once I saw the disturbing content in those emails and no one in the mainstream honestly covering it, I knew I had to support alternative media, and jump into writing myself.

Just by chance, I met Stefanie MacWilliams on Twitter. I asked her if I could write for this new project, and Halsey News took me on board instantly. Now, I am at ground zero of a major and exciting alternative news organization. At Halsey News, I am a correspondent, editor, and the social media manager. I also host “Halsey Headlines”on Deplorable Radio. Be sure to look out for me on, one of our sister sites, where I will be a thorn in the side of globalism daily and expose the inefficiency of the United Nations.

I may not write too many opinion pieces, or cut-and-paste news stories. That’s because I set one rule for myself when going into journalism: only tell a story that has never been told. Everyone has an opinion, everyone can aggregate news, but a real journalist will dig deep for an exclusive stories. I will be filing FOIA requests on behalf of Halsey News, requesting interviews and comments, and researching whatever I can to tell these untold stories and find the truth.

Testimonial: “In the mainstream media, there is organization but little real journalism. In alternative online media, there is little organization but plenty of real journalism. We want to be somewhere in the middle: real, organized news.”

Justin’s work has also appeared in The Football Experience and EMGN.

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