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Resistance Podcast

Multi-platform media project

which is built on the fundamental reverence

of the marketplace of ideas.














Josh Carter is architect and the primary host of The Resistance Podcast, a Wisconsin-based alt-media venture which focuses on reclaiming the lost art of conversation, and resisting predominant narratives in culture and media which manifest in herd mentality. Initially interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology, Josh left the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for the workforce in order to have the freedom to pursue personal projects such as The Resistance Podcast, and the anti-trafficking initiative Give Art Give Hope.


Josh is a working class husband, and father of two, and his dedication to creating a better world for his daughters is the fuel for the dynamic engine which drives The Resistance Podcast. After a short restructuring period in July 2017, he is aiming to maximize quality content and continue to grow the already increasing fanbase, to create an interactive app which connects people and allows for creating opportunities for individual action to better communities. He is also looking to utilize the network of connections he’s establishing to further free speech initiatives, and helping those less fortunate through the charity connections he’s made at DonorSee.

Josh Carter

The host of the Resistance Podcast

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