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Remso W. Martinez is an libertarian activist, blogger, campaign consultant, and host of the Remso Republic podcast. Before starting his show in the summer of 2016, Remso had spent time with organizations such as FreedomWorks, Students For Liberty, and the Media Research Center where he had deep exposure to the issues of DC politics and the mainstream media. Remso used his experience gained to work in the campaign realm afterwards, having been a staffer and consultant for various Republican, Libertarian, and Independent candidates running for all levels of public office. In the meantime, Remso has also been published at various sites such as The Libertarian Republic, Newsbusters,TheBlaze, and Being Libertarian just to name a few. Recently, Remso earned his BS in US Government Politics and Policy from Liberty University in 2017.

Remso W. Martinez

The host of the Remso Republic podcast

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