Media Indictment

Media Indictment

Media Indictment

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Marc’s unusual expertise on the media’s collusion with the Democratic Party comes from years of interest and focus on how the media evolved into a political organ, harking back to the days of the various news outlets who have colluded with the Nazi Party to bring about the cultism of Hitler, via his “Minister of Information” Joseph Goebbels.

Both as a patriot and avid media buff, Marc’s interest evolved through his experience living in the inner cities of New York. Born to parents who were both socialists, Marc’s view of black-run neighborhoods brought about a distorted view of inner city living created by liberalism, which brought about an illogical perspective of black culture.

Marc’s rite of passage to conservatism came from immersion into the works of Thomas Sowell, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Walter Williams. Since his conversion, he has gone to write several articles for the Examiner and Chai 75.

Marc currently resides in Florida. His interests include motorsports, martial arts and culinary interests. He  is currently the CEO of DaVinci Motors, an Automotive startup.

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