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Halsey News is the answer to the raging inaccuracies floating around the world today.

Simple vision: TRUTH














Halsey News is the flagship site of the Halsey News Network, founded in 2017 by Halsey English and Stefanie MacWilliams.  The site features news reports, investigative journalism, and broad-ranging right-leaning commentary. We employ a variety of writers and guest contributors, and we welcome them to share their viewpoint, no matter how much the management team may disagree with it. We believe that the truth stands up to scrutiny, and we are proud to see that Halsey News has become a platform not only for sharing ideas, but for shaping ideas through discussion.

From the very beginning, Halsey News had a simple vision: truth.

We recognized that the American public was crying out for a media outlet that was not only independent and upfront about their bias, but honest in their reporting. Facts first. Commentary second.

Many in the independent media community seem to be of the belief that you can only succeed in this industry by using “clickbait”, running intentionally misleading stories, or by using publicity stunts to bring attention to yourself.

We have proven that this is not the case.

Our site has grown exponentially since our initial launch. No fake news required.

We know that people respond to authenticity – and our authenticity about who we are, what we believe, and how we present our beliefs has struck a chord with our readers.

We aim to continue to grow, report on more stories, share more commentary, and, most of all, foster more discussion.

 Halsey Media strives to maintain fierce independence and ethical standards in a world that appreciates truth more each day.  Join us.

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