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Tiana Dalichov is the twenty-four-year-old author of sci-fi dystopian Agenda 46 (Rebellion Rising et al.), as well as several other novels and short stories. She earned her Bachelor’s in American History from The Ohio State University and a Master of Sciences in Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins University, where she also specialized in Independent School Leadership and the Physiology of the Learning Brain. She has taught and tutored a variety of subjects at the middle and high school level in the public and private sectors, specializing in History, Civics, English Language Arts, and Writing. She currently lives in the sunny state of Florida, where she teaches civics and the art of political discourse.

Dalichov is a self-described conservative with a penchant for engaging in raucous debates, on Twitter or otherwise, and has always been a proponent of healthy skepticism re: the United States government. She has been an avid reader since childhood, can speak four languages, and plays piano and flute in her evanescent spare time.

Dalichov now writes for Halsey News as a political commentator and dedicates herself to the pursuit of truth.

Tiana Dalichov


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